We custom mould earplugs to create an accurate seal to your ears and provide longer lasting protection from excessive levels of music or noise. From high performance musicians plugs to basic sleep plugs we can make any plugs to suit your needs.

Sleep Plugs

These custom moulded plugs are used to attenuate snoring from a partner or a noisy environment while resting. Various sizes are available.

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Swim Plugs

We mould plugs of various colours used during swimming to prevent the onset of exostoses (bony growths) in the ear canals. Also beneficial for children with surgical grommets, mastoid cavities or perforated eardrums. Available with or without a neck cord.

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Musician's earplugs

Audiophiles and musicians demand plugs that attenuate frequencies more evenly than fully occluding plugs. These filtered moulded devices are designed to maintain clarity of music. We supply all the top brands including ER and the smaller Pro-Series.

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Solid earplugs

When you want maximum attenuation of sounds in extreme noise such as on work-sites. These can be used with earmuffs for further noise protection.

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Moulded Audio Plugs

To have a truly secure fit to your ear we can embed your quality earphones into moulded silicon. We also can provide in-ear monitors for live studios and performances.

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Electronic earplugs to control noise levels

When electronic earmuffs are too bulky and you want to hear conversation but avoid ear damage from loud noises, these electronic plugs attenuate loud sounds but allow normal conversations. A good choice for noisy dynamic work environments.

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