All Major Brands of Hearing Aids

As a family owned independent hearing centre, we supply all the major brands.

Once we discuss your hearing needs, we recommended certain styles and features that may be of benefit to you. Sometimes even lower cost hearing aids may be sufficient for your needs, yet some may choose fully featured hearing aids with advanced wireless technologies.

The newest hearing aids connect to your smart-phone so that the phone can be used as a remote control. Phone calls and music can be streamed directly to your hearing aids. Television can be transmitted wirelessly to your hearing aids.

There are even more accessories available such as remote wireless microphones, rechargeable options.

The latest technology helps you connect to people and devices like never before.

Our aim is to make your listening as easy and seamless as possible. You don’t want to keep adjusting your hearing aids.

Cochlear implant

Suitable for larger losses where speech clarity is poor even with optimal hearing aids. You would be struggling on the phone and often even with face to face conversations. You may also be withdrawing from social situations. Surgery is involved and most costs are often covered by Health Funds and Medicare.

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Receiver in the canal (thin wire)

Our most popular style. A discreet style that usually won’t block up your ears to keep sounds as natural as possible. Great for early hearing losses and the common higher frequency losses seen with age or noise damage. Can connect to your mobile phone as a remote control or sound streaming, and to TV sound transmitters and remote microphones. These have directional microphones and some are rechargeable too.

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Completely in the canal

This model is only suitable if your ear canal isn’t too narrow. A great choice for more moderate losses where you don’t mind your ear being nearly fully blocked. Truly hidden deeper in the canal.

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In the canal

A great small size which allows for more ear ventilation and directional microphones to reduce noise. Available with an on/off switch if required.

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Half shell

The larger size allows for a more powerful model for much larger losses. Easier to manage should you have some dexterity issues.

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Full shell

Usually ordered for very large losses or if someone has difficulty managing hearing aids. An optional on/off switch, longer battery life and larger size make them easier to hold and manage.

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Behind the ear

Common for large losses or very narrow ear canals where a clear moulded piece is placed in the ear and the aid behind the ear. The moulds can be remade without sending the aids off, keeping you on-the-air during that time. Also loan aids can be supplied if an aid is being repaired. Might be easier to manage for some clients with larger controls behind the ear.

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Download our Hearing Aid Buying Guide which includes Important Traps to Avoid when Buying Hearing Aids

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