Pensioners and Veterans

Pensioners and Veterans and eligible clients receive FREE services under the government Hearing Services Program (HSP).


Hearing Tests:

Phone us and we can determine whether you can receive a voucher entitling you to free hearing tests and appointments.


Hearing Aids:

Under the scheme you can choose from a selection of free government funded hearing aids. These hearing aids are adequate for most people. You can also pay a Top-Up amount to purchase hearing aids with more features such as increased noise reduction and some advanced wireless options.


Ongoing Services:

DVA clients receive free maintenance, batteries and repairs on their hearing aids. Pensioners and other eligible clients pay a small annual maintenance fee to cover the supply of batteries and for hearing aid repairs.


Replacement Hearing Aids:

The government allows replacement of free hearing aids every FIVE years unless they are lost where they can be replaced earlier with the same or similar model.

Still not convinced?

Download our Hearing Aid Buying Guide which includes Important Traps to Avoid when Buying Hearing Aids

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